Raising your profile personally and in business

with photography that creates a social stir and makes headline news

Now that the digital world has made publishers and broadcasters of us all, there can’t be many businesses that don’t understand the need to have a strong social media and public relations presence online.

The most important word in marketing these days is content, but it’s important to understand that while it’s easy to think solely in terms of social media or editorial copy, it’s actually the images we use that can determine how you grow your awareness.

Our photography for social media, PR and editorial promotion offers you a unique, bespoke imagery solution that will help you to be distinctive wherever your content lives. Even better, it’s tax deductible.

It’s now accepted that a social media post without an accompanying image has less chance of getting engagement than a post that is illustrated by a great photograph – and the more eye-catching the better.

And that goes for all social media platforms, not just Twitter or Facebook.

Similarly, a blog without a header image and perhaps another photograph embedded in the body copy is just a block of text that few people will want to read unless the content is so compelling it can override the monochrome monotony of words on a blank page.

For those of you who either dabble in media engagement, or are intending to, it’s worth bearing in mind that there are few online (or print) media channels that will publish your latest news unless it has a good quality, high resolution image to go with it.

The solution for many people is to use stock imagery from an image library – but that can be an expensive and the same images are in use in thousands if not millions of other locations around the web.

Our editorial, PR and social media photography is an affordable and cost-effective way for you to make your public-facing content truly unique and original, giving you the opportunity to commission bespoke images that are intrinsically linked to your business or industry sector.

Working with our experienced specialist team, you’ll get a regular monthly, quarterly or annual supply of tailored photographs that you can use not just for your editorial and social media channels, but also your website, brochures, newsletters and reports.

If you’ve got a social media strategy that doesn’t include bespoke imagery, maybe now’s the time to come and talk to us to see how we can help to augment your online presence.

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