Beautiful corporate portrait photography

by exceptional photographers

Many people mistakenly think commercial headshots and commercial portraits are the same thing. In fact, they’re worlds apart.

Traditionally, corporate headshots are exactly what it says on the tin – a photograph of head and shoulders. Typically, they’re presented against a plain background and used as smaller images for business cards, social media profiles, team website biographies and the like.

By contrast, a corporate portrait is often a more complex image. A commercial portrait photography shoot often involves multiple locations, can comprise a range of images that include full-body images and are taken against larger and more intricate backdrops – perhaps a cityscape or other environment that’s relevant to the subject’s business or industry sector.

Corporate portrait photography also gives added scope to be creative and adventurous in how to present the final image, using both movement and static poses and a range of effects and filters to make the subject stand out.

Typically, corporate portrait photography might be used as full-page imagery in company brochures, as portraits to hang on the walls of your office building and as supporting imagery for corporate events and conferences.

A good corporate portrait image can be hugely effective in adding an additional layer of gloss and credibility to your corporate branding, suggesting a business that is both successful and completely invested in its people.

For individuals who may be self-employed, having a range of corporate portraiture imagery gives the impression of someone who is already very successful and can reinforce the professional credentials that may be the difference in winning future projects.

At Keates Photography, we’re very proud of our ability to bring creative flair and ideas to corporate headshots, but corporate portraits inevitably take longer and are more intricate in their set-up because of the time needed to re-set for different poses or locations.

In all cases, we make sure that as the subject of the image you are always completely at ease so that the result you see through the lens and on the final edit is exactly what you were hoping for.

In fact, it’s in the pre-shoot preparation that the magic really happens and where we, as photographers, really earn our spurs.

If you’re looking for corporate portrait photography that brings your business and your brand to life across both analogue and digital media, please get in touch and find out how our expertise can make you stand out in the crowd.

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