Professional headshots

From expert photographers

There’s more to corporate headshot photography than taking a head and shoulders shot of you or your employees.

The corporate headshots you use for branded printed material like brochures, annual reports, internal comms, social media profiles or just plain and simple business cards are part of the personality of your business.

When someone sees a photograph of you or someone who works for you, you want to be sure it gives exactly the image of your business that you want that person to have.

How many corporate headshots have you seen where the person in the photograph is standing in front of an ugly brick wall, or their face is in partial shadow? How many have one half of a signpost in the corner, or have red-eye that makes the subject look like an extra in Rosemary’s Baby?

The world is full of corporate headshots that look like the equivalent of someone’s rap sheet, and it’s highly unlikely you’re looking to add to them.

You know when a great photograph is taken? In the time the photographer takes with the subject before they pick up the camera. We know this because we’ve taken thousands of corporate and portrait headshots and we know that you get back what you put in.

We’ll work with you and every other person in the session to make sure we understand the look and feel you want to achieve. Whether it’s a formal style or something totally spontaneous, uninhibited and relaxed, we can work with you to make sure what you convey in your corporate headshot reflects your personality and the personality of your business.

Our photographers are highly experienced specialists who have worked with people from every part of business, from C-suite staff through to junior team members and self-employed businesspeople.

We’re also specialists in Spotlight profile headshots for actors and have worked with a large number of well-known and highly regarded artists from the worlds of theatre, television and film.

If you’re looking for corporate headshot photography that brings your business and your brand to life across both analogue and digital media, please get in touch and find out how our expertise can make you stand out in the crowd.

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